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Multiphysics CAE simulation Solutions

CAE.ATOA is Providing Specialty Multiphysics Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) Simulation Solution for Clients, a subsidiary of ATOA Scientific Technologies Private Limited.

Today global companies are challenged with the need to bring innovative products to market at a faster rate.  ATOA Scientific Technologies provides Multiphysics simulation solution to design new products at one go for multiple design requirements. “ATOAs virtual computer aided product development solution with specialty Multiphysics CAE from concept to design to engineering analysis to 3D prototyping, helps clients to develop innovative products with lower cost and cycle time at once”.

Global organizations leverage Engineering Simulation solution providers for cost effective early design phase with Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) Simulations in order to save time in the later phase of the product life cycle. CAE Simulation is advanced into a matured technology, wherein all design iteration and testing for new product development is done in a virtual environment. It is critical to meet multiple engineering design requirements while developing a new product to succeed in the global market. However, due to cost, time, resource and technology constraints it is usually designed for dominant design requirements. This becomes time consuming and expensive, which leads to unexpected product failure. Thus, maintaining competitive edge at a global scale becomes difficult. ATOA’s Specialty Multiphysics CAE Simulation solution helps clients to develop innovative, cost effective and faster products.

ATOA’s Specialty Multiphysics CAE simulation technology is a key differentiator in the generic engineering services industry. Our Multiphysics CAE core competency, first principle based coupled complex problem solving, which helps to accelerate the multiphysics optimized product development for our clients. ATOA is equipped with state of the art Multiphysics design center.  Multiscale simulations for linking macro engineering to micro to nano for products engineered from atomic level are a key area of the company's expertise.  ATOA’s vision is driven by material unity which helps to find simple solution to complex problems. In addition, ATOA offers prototyping, experimental testing and part performance services through its technology partner network.  ATOA invests upfront for Research and innovation to anticipate and solve future problems of our clients. “We specialize in helping our clients accelerate product development and reduce costs through multiphysics optimization of product designs in areas such as acoustics, biomedical, chemical, electromagnetics, flow, optical, structural, and thermal”.

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ATOA’s mission is to leverage cutting-edge research and developments in computer aided engineering, materials technology and scientific discoveries for practical and viable engineering product and process development for our clients through simulations. ATOA provides engineering simulation services with a specialty on Multiphysics, Multiscale and Multimaterial. The name, ATOA stands for bridging Atom TO Applications. The Atom to molecule to material to Application knowledge provides foundation for innovative application design. The virtual engineering simulation solution is packaged into engineering services, industrial Technology and research & innovation, to help our clients to reduce cycle time and cost for new product, process, material and system development.

Engineering Services

ATOAST leverages state of the art engineering simulation software, equation based solvers, analytical equations and custom-built tools, coupled with years of practical experience to provide engineering simulation solution for customer problems. We provide engineering services for, Design, Analysis, Manufacturing and Services support. We offer, specialized simulation services in the following domain,  

  • Nonlinear Structural Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Electrical and Electromagnetics

  • Acoustical, NVH Engineering

  • Coupled Thermal Engineering

  • Wave and Ray Optical Engineering

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics

  • Chemical Process Engineering

  • Biomedical Product Engineering

  • Specialty Multiphysics CAE, Coupled Computational Mechanics, Fluidics and Electromagnetics.

Industrial Technology

ATOA’s Multiphysics Engineering Simulation Services are customized to enable, first time right and cost effective product development a reality to our clients. Our clients will benefit immensely from our concurrent industrial simulation technology solutions. We collaborate with our clients to mimic the real world into a virtual world for cost effective and faster product development. The design simulation technology for a given industry is packages into material, product, process and system level industry specific solutions.

  • Material Design: Virtual Material design by inverse engineering application requirements into materials requirements.

  • Product Design: Multiphysics product design to ensure that the product can meet multiple design requirements.

  • Process Design: Process simulations to ensure that the product can be manufactured with the given cost and time.

  • Life Prediction: System level simulations to meet time dependent requirements such as fatigue, creep, damage and impact.

  • Optimization: Shape, Size, Evolutionary and Multiphysics optimization tool and methodology for product and process development.

  • Engineering tools: Engineering apps for on the go design and informed decision making.

  • 3D printing: complete concept to CAD to CAE to CAM based product development solution.

Our industrial technology solution spans across aerospace, defense, automotive, consumer, renewable energy, medical, packaging, infrastructure and heavy industrial verticals.

Research and Innovation

ATOA Scientific Technologies, invest 20% of the resources for Research and innovation to anticipate and solve future problems of our customers. This upfront investment equips us to prepare in advance to solve our client problems in time. This strategy helps us to stay ahead of the technology curve to equip us to provide state of the art simulation solution to our clients. Some of the key technology areas of focus for Research and Innovation at ATOA are,

  • Biomimetics: Nature inspired Product, Process and System Development Technologies.

  • Advanced Materials: Composite, Smart, Nano and Meta material modelling and product development

  • Engineering Simulations: Computational mechanics of Multiscale, Multiphysics and Multimaterial modelling.

  • Sustainable Technologies: Green, energy efficient, renewable design methodology and solutions.

  • Emerging Technologies: New Material, Product, Process and System Technologies.

  • Engineering Innovation: Acceleration of Scientific discovery to innovative product, process by simulations.

We’re delighted to be the first Multiphysics COMSOL Certified Consultant from this part of the world. Achieving this recognition means that we are able to offer manufacturers and product developers certified engineering simulation expertise using world leading Multiphysics analysis system.  ATOA is also recipient of many awards and Accolades, testimony of our client centric services and growth.

Material Unity drives the Technology vision for ATOA Scientific Technologies.  ATOA’s DNA is coded with IQI, Integrity, Quality and Innovation. ATOA provides one stop solution to you and your company for end to end high quality Multiphysics engineering simulation services.  contact http://cae.atoa.com/contact-resources/contact-form to get started.