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Process design is an industrial technology solution packaged to offer simulation services for prototyping, fabrication, assembly, mass production and automation. Process Design simulation enables a paradigm shift from art of manufacturing to design of manufacturing process. Recent developments in the understanding of the manufacturing process and the modeling methodology and availability of computing resources enables us to virtually simulate any manufacturing process for cycle time reduction and Quality improvement.

Industrial Process Design solution offering, includes, material compounding, material manufacturing, product fabrication, product assembly, mass production related simulations. We provide Process Design simulation to ensure that product can be manufactured as designed. The process or production related shrinkage, residual stress, fiber orientation, is also investigated as part of multiphysics simulations.

This physics based modeling of manufacturing process helps to stretch the limits of the traditional manufacturing process for a higher yield and quality. The simulation also helps to select and implement a suitable cost effective manufacturing process.


Material Process Simulations

Metal casting, solidification, densification and phase change behaviour modelling.  

Ceramic powder consolidation, sintering, coalescence and densification.

Polymer extrusion, injection molding, calendaring and multilayer extrusion, replication and coating.

Polymer Composite Processing: Pultrusion, Autoclave molding, Resin transfer molding, Foaming, spray molding, filament/ Tape winding, 

Metal Matrix Composite Processing: Spray Deposition, Squeeze Casting, Hot pressure bonding, Hot isostatic pressing, Liquid metal infiltration, Electro deposition, Plasma Spraying and Chemical vapor Deposition.

Ceramic Matrix Composites Processing: Mixing of constituents, cold pressing and  sintering, hot isostatic pressing and Sol- Gel Process.

We provide simulation services for metal, ceramic, polymer material manufacturing process. We leverage, material processing mechanics such Flow, consolidation, thermal and deformation for engineered process design.

Metal deformation, casting, laser welding, Ceramic consolidation, Chemical vapor deposition,

Polymer injection molding, extrusion, thermoforming, thermoplastic welding, Thermoset curing, reaction injection molding, PU foam molding, polymer foam molding, are some the process simulation services provided by ATOAST.

We specialize on  composite manufacturing process simulations such as autoclave, VARTM, filament winding, pultrusion, compression molding, Reaction injection molding process simulation for process selection and optimization.

The process simulation services related to raw material synthesis, compounding, assembly, and product fabrication and life prediction services are provided by ATOAST, plus Advanced Process Simulations.