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IQI: Integrity, Quality and Innovation is embedded in ATOA DNA.  

Quality is one of the main foundations of ATOAST.

ATOAST drives project execution and internal processes guided by,

Concurrent engineering approach to capture stated and implied needs of the clients upfront for high quality simulation services.

The modeling methodology, simulation and solution procedure are built-in with validation and verification steps for realistic simulation services.

Lean six sigma and ISO9000 Quality standards are practiced  in spirit and letter for conformal to global industrial quality standards.

Relevant design Codes such as ISO, ASTM, IEC, BIS, DIN and other customer specific codes as applicable are implemented as per the requirements.

ATOAST is in the process becoming active member of leading institutional industry/ accreditation bodies such as NAFEMS , EUCMA, ACMA, FRP Research Institute and WWEA.

The concurrent engineering approach enables to capture, the material, design, production, distribution, after service, maintenance and recycle related requirements upfront with appropriate concurrent engineering tools. This methodology enables our clients to develop products first time right for faster and low developmental cost deployment of new product, product, system and methods.