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Engineering Simulation is grown into a third pillar of Science and Technology.  Virtual simulation based product development is increasingly used for new product and process development ATOA provides Engineering Services for the first time right product, process, material and system development with speciality on Multiphysics CAE. Our core competency is built on coupled Computational Structural Mechanics (CSM), Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and Computational Electromagnetics (CEM).

 ATOA Scientific Technologies is growing as a leading multiphysics engineering simulation service provider with a global client base. ATOA leverages state of the art engineering simulation software, equation based solvers, analytical equations and custom built computational mechanics tools, coupled with years of practical experience to provide engineering simulation services for solving customer problems. Computer aided product development and lifecycle management environment is used extensively at ATOA, to provide faster and cost effective product development for our clients.

 We provide engineering services for, Design, Analysis, Manufacturing, Support, Research and innovation for Material, Product, Process and System. Cost, value and Due Diligence engineering is also part of the services. We offer, simulation services in the following engineering domain,

  • Structural Engineering

  • Thermal Engineering

  • Vibration and Dynamics

  • Fatigue Life Prediction

  • Crash Impact Analysis

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics

  • Acoustical, NVH Analysis

  • Optical Ray Tracing

  • Wave Propagation Analysis

  • Electromagnetics Analysis

  • Chemical Reaction and Transport

  • Bioengineering and Biomedical product development

  • Polymer, Metal, Ceramic and Composite Material and Manufacturing Process Simulations.

  • Specialty Multiphysics CAE, Coupled Computational Mechanics, Fluidics and Electromagnetics.

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ATOA’s In-depth expertise on each engineering domain is delivered with linear and nonlinear, steady state and transient simulations with appropriate constitutive, material, and failure models and analysis procedure. Our unique equation based multiphysics capability is leveraged for our client benefits. We do virtual multiphysics analysis based on a single integrated CAD environment for various performance evaluation for maximum utilization of resources for low cost and weight benefits. As an end to service provider, 2D Drafting, 3D solid modeling, Mesh, Aesthetic Styling, Photometric modeling is also offered. However, Our specialty is multiphysics coupled problems.

ATOA Scientific Technologies stands for Atom to Application Scientific Technologies. ATOA's main offer for our clients, is engineering simulation services. Our Multiphysics , Multiscale, and Multimaterial research expertise, enhance special value to our customer. We leverage this special atom to application connectivity for probing deep into the customer problems for solution engineered from atomic level.

Engineering Services Delivery mode

 We Offer Engineering Simulation Services at 4 modes,


This is the basic level of service, wherein our client define the requirements, and specify the analysis procedure. ATOAST leverages the analysis domain expertise and executes at a high level of quality and integrity and reports out the results.

For example, 2D drafting, linear elastic structural analysis.


The expected outcome in terms product performance CTQs of the analysis request is defined by the client. ATOAST leverages, domain expertise to design and optimize system to meet the CTQs. The optimal design solution is reported out to the clients.

For example, Structural analysis with contact and or material nonlinearity.


In this category of services, our clients provide us the wish list or the goal to maximize the performance of their existing products or new product design. The ATOAST team leverages the industrial and academic domain expertise to provide viable solution and advice on the material, product, process design and finalization. Novel concepts for maximizing performance are also part of the advisory package.

For example, Multiphysics simulation for structural, thermal, flow and functional optimization.


In this mode, we partner setup virtual dedicated teams for both project and dedicated development center basis for our clients. Teams will be technically aligned with the clients with a core onsite team with an extended offshore team. The project management will be handled by ATOA. This way our clients can have dedicated trained teams for their service aligned with their business and R&D goals.

Technical Competency Level

The technical competency is offered at the following 5 technical competency/ complexity level. Level 0 is basic CAD drafting, FEM meshing or Linear FEA services.  Our services usually starts from Level 1 at Nonlinear CAE.   Level 2 competency couples minimum 2 engineering discipline such as structural + Electrical. Level 3 couples minimum 3 engineering disciplines such as structural + Flow + Electrical and so on.  Level 4 at Research and innovation level couples 4 or more engineered disciplines.

Technical Level



Dwg, Meshing, CAD, Linear CAE


CAE 1 (Nonlinear, Turbulent Flow, etc)


CAE Multiphysics 2


CAE Multiphysics 3


Research and Innovation

 The Billing Rate at cae.atoa ranges from as low as 15$ an hour to a maximum of 250$ an hour depending on the Complexity level, resource, consultancy and advisory skill set need. Mail us for Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA), Service level Agreement (SLA),  Mode of payment and Service level contracts (SLA).  Please do contact us at http://cae.atoa.com/contact-resources/contact-form for more details related to project, deliverables, and offshore center specific contract and Hourly rate.