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It is good to look back in history to forecast the future technology growth trend. Initially they were mythological answer to any of our forefathers questions. Then,  they were philosopher and philosophical concepts, then came the scientists and mathematicians, who performed scientific experiments to establish scientific principles and theory. The scientific disciplines was diverged into physics, chemistry and biology. Each core branch of science was further divided into many specialty scientific disciplines. Interdisciplinary fields like material science was also evolved. The application of science initiated the engineering field for developing engineering applications. Engineering field was then diverged into civil, mechanical, electrical, electronics. Interdisciplinary engineering like Industrial engineering was also evolved. Each engineering core branch is then diverged into detailed engineering branches, for example, civil engineering into structural, highways, environmental engineering etc.  If we look back, we can trace back the developments to material Unity. Material unity is great concept that unites whatever we know as of now, to a fundamental unity level that is the elementary particle. All that that exists in the universe starts from the elementary atomic particles. You, me, the plants, the planet, the universe all have a common origin that is the material unity.   The divergent trend from material unity was dominant mode of science and engineering technology growth. However, currently we see the beginning of convergence, for example, Nanotechnology brings in the convergence trend starting from the atomic level. Nanotechnology based macro applications are engineered from atomic level for superior properties. This brings in the convergence various engineering and science disciplines.  Metamaterials provides us the direction for developing new materials with unusual properties which does not exist in nature using existing natural materials.  Computational modelling of active matter and nano, bio, info and cognitive convergence will take materials and device technology to the next level to a connected life.  Our future forecast is that the current engineering and scientific fields will merge and new technology disciplines will emerge, as change is the only constant.  This emerging Technology scanner will captures those developments and funnel it to our Research and innovation division for Industrial innovation growth for our clients.