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Most of energy generated is wasted as an unproductive heat in most of the mechanical devices. Further, more than 30 % is energy produced is used for building thermal  and climate control.  Thermal management plays a key role in efficient utilization of energy. Temperature becomes the limiting factor for most of the applications. The increase in temperature also increases the cost of the product due to increase in high temperature material cost. Waste heat recovery, thermodynamic efficiency improvement, Super insulation, Natural  and sustainable climate control are growth trends. At cae.atoa, we offer thermal simulation analysis encompassing all forms of heat transfer (Conduction, convection and radiation), constituent material and macro engineering behavior for efficient thermal performance design. Our Coupled Thermal analysis specialty include, Conjugate Heat transfer for electronic components, gas turbine, oil and gas pipes, Coupled Thermal and electrical analysis for Induction heating, RF heating, microwave heating and biomedical therapy.

Thermal Engineering Simulation Solutions

We provide basic Thermal engineering simulations for,

  • Heat transfer analysis of devices and systems with liquids, solids and gases.

  • Building Thermal Energy and Climate Management

  • Data center Thermal and Energy Management

  • Industrial HVAC performance prediction and optimisation

  • Engineered material design for insulation and high thermal conductivity

  • Heat transfer in porous media

  • Heat exchanger design for thermal management of Industrial machines and  electronic devices.

Multiphysics Thermal Engineering Simulation Solutions

Our Speciality coupled MULTIPHYSICS CAE for Thermal Engineering includes,

  • Thermal + Electrical: Electromagnetic Heating (Resistive, RF Induction, Microwave), Electro thermal actuation, Thermoelectric effects.

  • Bioheat transfer simulation for RF ablation, AC/DC heating, IR heating  for medical therapy  

  • Thermal + Structural: Thermal stress due to thermal expansion, actuation.

  • Thermal + Flow : Conjugate heat transfer with laminar and turbulent flow, material processing simulation.

  • Thermal + Chemical: Phase change Physics based thermal management

  • Thermal + Wave: Radiative heat transfer, Fluorescence effects

  • Thermal + Acoustics: Thermo acoustical effects, Ultrasonic  

Emerging Thermal Engineering

Our focus on emerging technologies related to Thermal Engineering are,

  • Nano, meta and photonic structured surfaces for superior multilevel heat transfer for efficient cooling or heat extraction.

  • Engineered materials for Superinsulation, directional heat transfer,  Near zero thermal expansion, extremely high thermal conductivity and on demand thermal conductivity (insulator to conductor)  as a  function of temperature.

  • Natural convection and evaporation based cooling for low cost Building thermal management, water storage and refrigeration.

  • Thermoelectric  waste heat recovery systems.

ATOA’s  New addition to  Thermal Engineering Solutions,

  • 3D Printing of Thermal scale down Models and engineering surfaces models.

  • Thermal Engineering design apps for U value, R value, Thermal conductivity, Energy saving, Thermal product performance prediction.

We do Thermal analysis to predict, Thermal insulation (U value) or resistance ( R value), Thermal transmittance or conductance (k value prediction), heat dissipation, and overall Thermal performance and management, under Steady state and transient heat transfer conditions.  Material design for higher thermal conductivity or for other extreme of lowest thermal conductivity or ultra low thermal insulation. Virtual thermal conductivity measurement for material and product systems. Our Research and innovation services on offers exploits, Nanoscale heat transfer for superior performance , for example, Knudsen effect engineered for ultra low thermal conductivity which is less than still air and Thermal phonon tunneling for maximum thermal conductivity and Maximum heat dissipation with

Contact ATOA for advanced  Thermal Engineering simulation solutions at http://cae.atoa.com/contact-resources/contact-form .