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Optimization is the process of finding the best design. The objective of structural optimization is to reduce weight or cost and meet strength, stiffness, functional and aesthetic requirement. The standards optimization process include Shape, size, topology optimization for structural applications. The recent trend is to extend this technology for multiphysics and durability optimization.

At ATOAST we provide optimization simulation coupled with design and process simulation for optimization which can be manufactured. practical insight, Multiphysics and Evolutionary structural optimization.

Gradient and heuristic methods are adopted for optimization. We specialize in nature inspired heuristic evolutionary structural optimization. Nature uses simple algorithm for optimization, which adds material where stressed and removes materials where unstressed. This is evolved over billions of years for example tall bamboo, redwood type trees . ATOAST Developed algorithms to implement natural evolution process for product optimization.

The availability of computing resources and algorithms makes it ideal for new product development which is optimized using nature inspired evolutionary optimization.

Structural Optimization:

Good structural optimization shows a product design with isostress distribution of stresses around the product. Optimization to minimize weight and cost at maximize performance.

Durability Optimization

We extent the structural optimization concept for durability of products by including fatigue life prediction, vibration , dynamics and damage mechanics aspects.

Multiphysics Optimization

The real products are multiphysics in nature. Conventional design practice is to design and optimize for a dominant single physics. The multiphysics optimization optimizes for multiple requirements simultaneously for significant benefits. ATOAST specializes on multiphysics optimization both for direct and sequential coupled systems.