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Chemical Engineering emerged from the unit operations concept and  is large scale conversion  or commercial scale mass production of raw materials into useful chemicals, fuels, foods, pharmaceuticals, and biological  products.   Vulcanised rubber, synthetic dye, celluloid, polymers and life saving pharmaceuticals are testimony of essential innovation of chemical Engineering to humanity. Green, combinatorial, nano chemistry, biotechnology and alternative energy are growth trends for low cost, sustainable and environmentally friendly chemical engineering. We provide chemical engineering simulation services for  water treatment, polymer processing, Food processing, advanced materials, electronics and pharmaceuticals Industry.

Chemical Engineering Simulation Solutions

We provide following Chemical engineering simulation services,

  • Molecular structure property performance prediction  using quantum mechanical (Ab initio) and molecular mechanics models for material design.

  • Chemical Flow, heat transfer and chemical species transport simulations  of  processing components such as mixer, reactor, distillation tower, pumps and heat exchangers.

  • Pressure vessel, chemical reactor, material handling system design simulations for structural, thermal and transport loadings.

  • Galvanic, pitting and crevice corrosion simulation services for corrosion assessment, avoidance and protection system design.

  • Diffusion and solubility  of gases, liquids and solids  at structure property, molecular and process mechanics level for material process simulations.

  • Chemical reaction and process simulations of fuel and combustion.

  • Phase change, Multiphase flow and Bubbly flow  simulations of aerators, bioreactors and food processing equipment's.

Multiphysics Chemical Engineering Simulation Solutions

Our Speciality coupled MULTIPHYSICS CAE for Chemical Engineering Services includes,

  • Coupled Chemical Reaction engineering simulations with  chemical composition, reaction kinetics, flow and thermal effects for transport, separation and mixing processes.

  • Electrodeposition process with surface chemistry simulations for functional, protection and aesthetic deposition/ coating system.

  • Electrochemical simulations for electrochemical cell process performance design.

  • Multicomponent convection, diffusion and migration (electro kinetic flow).

  • Coupled Electrical, chemical and flow simulation of electrochemical battery and fuel cell systems and component design.

Emerging Chemical Engineering

Our focus on emerging technologies related to Chemical Engineering are,

  • Multiscale models linking atom (Quantum Mechanics) to molecular (Molecular Mechanics)  to material (Micro Mechanics) to application (Continuum Mechanics) at length and time scale for innovative product and process development.

  • Computational combinatorial chemistry for drug discovery and high performance material development.

ATOA’s  New addition to  Chemical Engineering Solutions,

  • 3D Printing of Chemical, Molecular, chemical reaction models.

  • Chemical Engineering design apps for flow, structure-property, physical parameters, reaction, chemical, thermodynamics, compatibility  prediction.

Computational Chemical Engineering simulations for improving the production efficiency, reducing the cost and improving the safety are primary drivers.  These simulations are targeted for water treatment, fuel and combustion, petroleum refining, food processing, polymer manufacturing, corrosion prevention, alternate energy product development.  Computational Chemical Engineering simulations are also used in biotechnology and electronics industry  for micro and nano device design and fabrication. At ATOA, Computational Chemical Engineering for process innovation  for our clients is the ultimate objective.   

Contact ATOA for advanced  Chemical Engineering simulation solutions at http://cae.atoa.com/contact-resources/contact-form .