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Product design is all about the creation of a new innovative product.  In a systematic approach, ATOA provide simulation solution to product designers to evaluate ideas and turning them into tangible inventions and products faster and cost effective. 


 ATOA multiphysics Simulation offering  helps client to understand product performance under  complex environmental interactions due to Globalization, Interconnected (IoT) and smart  Product Design.


Industrial specific product design requirements are packaged and offered as an end to end integrated solution to our customers. Virtual concurrent engineering approach is leveraged for Product design solution. Product design refers to the main business offering to our clients. This can change depending on the type of business and industry. Industrial product design is the primary component of a business. The emerging trend in flat world is to outsource virtual product design for competitive edge. Product design Simulation Becomes More Affordable due to commoditization of FEA design tools.


 The Traditional engineering product Design vs. the recent trend in simulation based engineered product design. This shows the advantages of simulation based product design for first time right product development. Also simulation based risk mitigation for complex multiphysics interaction. 


 Technology push and market pull drives the innovative product design and development.. At ATOAST, we provide product design solution to fulfill the unmet need in the market, also leverage latest technology developments for novel product Design solution.

Multiphysics  Product Design

Most of the products are multiphysics and multimaterial in nature. Traditionally, products are designed first for dominant physics. Additional requirements are met by adding additional material are components. This adds up to the overall weight and the cost. However, the multiphysics design optimization concurrently designs and optimizes for multi functional requirements to minimize the material usage and cost.

DfX product design

ATOA provides Simulation based solution to DfM-Design for manufacturability, DfL Design for Life. dfS-Design for Services,  DfA-Design For Assembly and DfC- Design For Cost. Simulation accelerates DfX product design for excellence. Also, Design Simulation for Virtual Testing and  Validation.

 Product  Desgin  Examples

Wind Turbine : Aerodynamic, Structural, Thermal, Vibration, Dynamics mechanical, Acoustica,

Electrical, Fatigue.

Solar Concentrator : Solar radiation : Optics : Thermal, Mechanical, Electrical,

Electronics, Material Science.

Building Roof/ Wall Glazing : Structural, Impact, Thermal, Acoustics, Optical, Functional

Consumer Electronic Products (e.g., Mobile) : Electronics, Communication,

Electromagnetic Shielding /interference, Aesthetics, Functional, Optics, Material Science.

Marine Boat : Hydrodynamics – Corrosion – structural – Aerodynamics – composites