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Optical engineering roots are traced from ancient time lenses and telescopes. Optical engineering represents a small visible portion of the entire electromagnetic spectrum, from 400 to 700 nm. The focus of optical engineering is on visible spectrum, but the principles are applicable across the electromagnetic spectrum. Optical engineering is the application of science of light to design useful products. High intensity Lasers, fibre optics communication, Large telescopes, microscopes, digital camera, illumination systems, displays and solar energy harvesting are highlights of optical engineering excellence.  Nanophotonics, plasmonics, optical metamaterials, Nonlinear optics, Quantum light sources are growth technology trends. At ATOA, we provide ray optic, wave optic and quantum optical simulations for optically engineered product development in frequency or time domain.

Optical Engineering Simulation Solutions

We provide optical engineering simulations for,

  • Ray optical simulation  with propagation, transmission,  reflection, refraction effects for lenses, telescopes, lighting systems, daylighting, fibre optical communication systems and solar concentrators.

  • Wave optical simulation with propagation, interference, diffraction, polarization and scattering effects for optically larger structures.

  • Quantum optical simulations with fluorescence and quantum effects for quantum dots, plasmonics device simulations.

  • Virtual optical measurement and optical material design for selective  optically transparent materials.

Multiphysics Optical Engineering Simulation Solutions

Our Speciality coupled MULTIPHYSICS CAE for Optical Engineering includes,

  • Optical + Thermal, for laser heating, IR heating, solar thermal, daylighting and building thermal simulations.

  • Optical + Structural for stress optical effects.

  • Coupled ray, wave and quantum optical simulation for  efficient solar energy harvesting system, LED and OLED lighting and display system design.

Emerging Optical Engineering

Our focus on emerging technologies related to Optical Engineering are,

  • Multilevel length scale optical modelling at macro, micro and nano  level for superior transmission, reflection or extraction efficiency improvement.

  • Optical metamaterials with unusual properties for innovative therapy, diagnostic imaging, antenna and energy harvesting products.

  • Biophotonics to generate and harness photons to image, detect and manipulate biological materials for diagnostics and therapy.

ATOA’s  New addition to  Structural Engineering Solutions,

  • 3D Printing of optical model and device prototypes with transparent materials.

  • Optical engineering design apps for light transmission, reflection, absorption, resonance, black body radiation, optical material property prediction.

Electromagnetics radiation spans across Gamma rays to Radio waves. The wave nature of electromagnetics allows us to spread the learning from one type of wave physics to other. Solution to Maxwell equation is the foundation to solve electromagnetic problems. Electromagnetic wave interaction with structure also changes as function of wavelength to interacting feature size. This phenomenon is used to solve electromagnetic equations with appropriate approximation for solving real life problems. The interaction physics of the solar electromagnetic waves with engineering structure depends on the size. The ray optics governs most of the physics. We do specialize on interference, diffractive, photonic and meta interactions also.

The electromagnetic wave propagation simulations are aimed to solve problems related to Antennas Waveguide and resonator, Optical fibers, Photonic structures and Transmission lines. Simulation services for Material design for optically transparent materials with higher electrical conductivity, ultra low dielectricity is also on offer. Optical metamaterials for engineering unusual properties is latest offering from our Research and innovation. Solar energy is the universal Energy source. We have dedicated design team to simulate and predict the interaction of solar spectrum with engineering applications. The solar transmission, absorption, reflection, concentration, secondary heat transfer properties are predicted for maximizing the efficiency,The optical spectrum of electromagnetic shows us what we see, hence, ATOAST offers services related to photometric performance simulations.

Contract Research on the engineered surfaces for functional optical surfaces, Photonic band gaps, meta surfaces, interference and diffraction effects is also on offer. At ATOA, Computational Electromagnetics with a special focus with visible spectrum is  to design innovative optical structures and system for our clients is the ultimate objective.   

Contact ATOA for advanced  Optical Engineering simulation solutions at http://cae.atoa.com/contact-resources/contact-form .