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Electromagnetic radiation spans across Gamma rays to Radio waves. The wave nature of electromagnetics allows us to spread the learning from one type of wave physics to other. Solution to Maxwell equation is the foundation to solve electromagnetic problems. Electromagnetic wave interaction with structure also changes as function of wavelength to interacting feature size. This phenomenon is used to solve electromagnetic equations with appropriate approximation for solving real life problems.  Length and nano scale engineered miniaturization, energy efficient and connected devices are growth trends for innovative electrical and electronics devices. We provide Electrical Engineering services to safeguard continuous, reliable and efficient electrical and electronic devices by simulating static, low frequency, transient and high frequency effects.  We specialise on the coupled electromagnetic with structural, thermal, acoustical, chemical and flow effects.

Electrical Engineering Simulations Solutions

We offer, static, transient, harmonic, resonance, frequency domain and time explicit electromagnetic simulations. The various type of electromagnetic simulations offered by ATOA include :

  • Ray tracing analysis with Rectilinear Propagation, Reflection, Refraction and  Dispersion effects.

  • Electro and magneto statics

  • Conductive media DC

  • low frequency electromagnetics and Electromagnetic wave propagation.

  • Wave propagation analysis with Interference, Diffraction, Polarization,refraction, Diffusion (Scattering) and Fluorescence effects.

  • Rotating Electrical Machinery

  • Nano and Microelectromechanical devices (NEMS and MEMS)  Simulations.
    Multiphysics Electrical Engineering Simulations Solutions

Our Speciality coupled MULTIPHYSICS CAE for Electrical Engineering includes,
Coupled Electro thermal: Laser, Joule, Induction, RF, microwave and Solar Heating.
Coupled electrical and flow problems: Flow battery, Nanochannels.
Coupled electrical, chemical, thermal and flow problems: Lead Acid, Lithium Battery, Fuel cells.
Coupled Electrical, Thermal and Structural problems: Electrothermal actuation, expansion
Electrical + Structural coupling: Piezoelectric, Piezoresistive, electro magnetostriction.

Emerging Electrical Engineering
Our focus on emerging technologies related to Electrical and Electronics Engineering are,
Modeling the length scale effects for innovative nano engineered electrical and electronic devices.
Engineered surfaces for functional optical surfaces, Photonic band gaps, meta surfaces and transparent conductive films.

  • Metamaterial for unusual properties for innovative electrical and electronic devices.

  • High energy density battery for renewable energy storage, smart phones and electrical vehicles

  • Renewable Energy products: Solar and Wind

ATOA’s  New addition to  Electrical Engineering Solutions,

  • 3D Printing of scaledown functional models of electrical devices.

  • Engineering apps to calculate electrical power, voltage, load, transmission, material properties and energy saving.

The electromagnetic static services are targeted towards, Electric Motors, Generators, circuit breakers, Induction/ RF/ Dielectric heating applications development. The electromagnetic wave propagation simulations are aimed to solve problems related to Antennas Waveguide and resonator, Optical fibers, Photonic structures and Transmission lines.

Simulation services for Material design for higher electrical conductivity, ultra low dielectricity is also on offer. Optimal Material with high thermal conductivity combined with low electrical insulation design is also possible. Electromagnetic Metamaterials for engineering unusual properties is latest offering from our Research and innovation.

The interaction physics of the solar electromagnetic waves with engineering structure depends on the size. The ray optics or analytical approximation governs most of the device design, however, we  specialize on interference, diffractive, photonic and meta interactions for innovative electrical and electronic devices.