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Engineering Tools 

Engineering is all about Tools. ATOA developed  standard online CAE tools, standalone CAE tools and Engineering apps.  ATOA offers its academic and industrial expertise to develop specialized custom engineering calculations or simulations  tools for the clients, as follows.

Aerospace engineering tools

Aerospace is an interdisciplinary field of structural, flow, avionics , control and space engineering.  Apps are related to aero structures, aerodynamics, controls, avionics, aircraft materials, aircraft production, aero acoustics, flight simulator,  navigation.

Acoustical Engineering calculators

 Acoustics is the branch of engineering related to auditory sense, speech,  noise and vibrations. Apps related to Sound Transmission Loss , Acoustical  property prediction of materials, Attenuation coefficient, Sound transmission level , Acoustic Impedance, psycho acoustics, virtual anechoic room 

Biomedical engineering tools

 Bio medical is an interdisciplinary field of biology, medical and engineering for healthcare.  Apps are related to basic principles, healthcare diagnostics , medical therapy, Bio CAE, Bio signal  measurements, Bio mechanics, Bio materials and human anatomy. 

Chemical engineering  formulas and tools

Chemical engineering  is about conversion of raw material into a more useful engineering materials at commercial scale. Apps are related to chemical engineering process, material synthesis, energy efficiency, chemistry formulas, chemical reaction, periodic table, chemical compatibility, plant engineering.

Civil Structural design tools

Civil Engineering is one of the oldest and deals with design, construction and maintenance of building and infrastructure. Apps are related to  sectional properties ( area moment of inertia) , structural design (concrete, beam, truss, plate, building), environmental design (building comfort, green building).

Computer Engineering tools

Computer Engineering deals with the design of hardware and software  from mobile phones to supercomputers. Apps are related to number system converters, computer science basics, networking,  circuit theory, computer graphics, hardware troubleshooting, embedded system, algorithms

Electrical and Electronic  tools

Electrical engineering deals with generation  and distribution of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism. Apps are related to electrical power formulas, electrical circuits, transformers, electrical material properties, electromagnetics,  interference, dielectrics, conductors, skin/size effects. 

Fluid Flow tools

 Fluid flow  is related flow of matter (air, liquid, solid and  Plasma) with applications in aero, mechanical, civil and electrical Engineering.  Apps are related to fundamentals of fluid flow, flow regime, Airfoil, Virtual Wind tunnel,  Polymer flow, Pipe flow, Turbo machinery, Water and industrial processing. 

Industrial Engineering Tools

Industrial engineering is an interdisciplinary engineering and deals with design, integration and operations of complex systems.  Apps are related to, power plant, plant manufacturing, industrial controls, power engineering, product engineering, industrial instrumentation, maintenance and reliability.

Mechanical Engineering Tools

Mechanical engineering deals with design, optimization, manufacturing and maintenance of mechanical systems. Apps are related to mechanical  tool box, calculators, formulas, mechanisms, engines, valves, thermodynamics, noise and vibration, damping, gears, fraction, machine design.

Optical Engineering Tools

Optical Engineering is related to application of optics for optical system design and innovative application development.  Optical apps are related to solar spectrum, electromagnetics, optical formulas, fiber optics, dielectric, nano optics, micro optics, lenses, ray tracing,  optical transmission loss, bio optics, structural optics. 

Thermal Engineering Tools

Thermal Engineering deals with all forms of heat transfer to design thermal process, system and environment. Thermal Engineering apps are related to  mode of heat transfer (conduction, convection, radiation), thermoelectrics, heating of materials, Thermal energy efficiency, U value, R value, thermal resistance, thermal conductance, thermal diffusivity.

Further,  ATOA Apps portal is a single door entry  for all your engineering Apps. Engineering is all about Tools.  Tools differentiated us from the primates. Currently each one of you is carrying an 80’s supercomputer on your hand. Our Goal is to put this supercomputer on the move that is your smartphone for productive use, with engineering apps. Our focus is to develop and deploy High-end Multiphysics Engineered Apps to make you smarter at work

You will find a list of all Engineering apps related to Structural, Thermal, Flow, Mechanical, acoustics, optics, Electrical, Electronics, Chemical. Some essential basic engineering tools such us unit converters, graphs, maths and science formulas will be also be added. Also, look forward to  Futuristic Technology related apps related to Materials, Renewable Energy, 3D printing, Nano, Bio, Info and Cognitive apps.