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Contact ATOA for Quote, Free CAE, Techno Commercial proposals

Mail your engineering services, Industrial Technology development and or Research and innovation  requests to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for a free Quote or techno commercial proposal.

FREE QUOTE for Engineering Services

Please do define your problem or work request with scope of work and expected deliverable. We promise you to provide you a competitive free Quote. We can provide you the Quote on an hourly or fixed project, deliverable and or output basis. We can provide competitive quote, as we leverage standard automated work procedure and parametric models for minimizing time and resources. Our Multiphysics CAE expertise can be translated to our clients as a cost effective solution with high quality technical services.

Mail with your scope of work at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for submit online form here for a free Quote.

FREE CAE Simulation

We offer free simulation service, because, we are very confident of our quality and professional services that you will engage ATOA as your simulation services partner. However, this free simulation offer is without any obligations whatsoever.  This free CAE services offer is for limited period and limited numbers per week only.  To get started, define your problem and expected outcome.

Please click here for a free Simulation Request or contact us at http://cae.atoa.com/contact-resources/contact-form .

Pay Its Worth

Pay its worth is a unique offering from ATOA Scientific Technologies, we trust and believe that our clients know the true value of any services. Hence, we allow our clients to decide the value of services and “Pay its worth”. The way this works is simple, client defines the problem, scope of work, expected deliverable, time and budget. If this proposal of our client,  meets our basics, ATOA accepts the offer, executes and delivers. The payment terms for this offer is 50:50, 50% advance with the order and 50% after delivery. This unique offer also saves time in the negotiations and helps us to focus on the project and deliverables.

Mail your ‘pay its worth’ proposal at  http://cae.atoa.com/contact-resources/contact-form or submit online form here.

Proposal for Engineering Innovation

We welcome you to challenge us with your unsolved business problems, wherein solution to such problems can lead immense business benefits to you. We leverage our Industrial Engineering innovation solution team to solve and propose a viable solution based on our Multiphysics CAE and practical industrial innovation expertise.  This works simply by contacting us with your  unsolved problem and the business benefits.

Please click here to submit your Engineering innovation Request or contact us at http://cae.atoa.com/contact-resources/contact-form

Proposal for Contract Research and Innovation

In Industry there are problems wherein we have not yet found a solution.  Research may be required to develop or discover a solution.  This may involve development of new constitutive equation, material models, length scale effects,  multiple coupling effects and or modelling methodology.  ATOA’s upfront Research and innovation strategy helps to prepare in advance to solve our client problems in time. We keep us updated on the latest scientific breakthroughs with a focus on the application technology by translating the scientific discoveries into innovative product development for our clients. We leverage our Research and innovation team’s expertise to solve clients research and innovation problems.

Please click here to submit your Contract research and innovation Request or contact us at http://cae.atoa.com/contact-resources/contact-form .