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ATOA Scientific Technologies, invests 20% of the resources for Research and Innovation to anticipate and solve future problems of our customers. This upfront investment strategy equips us to prepare in advance to anticipate and solve our client problems in time. This strategy helps us to stay ahead of the technology curve to equip us to provide state of the art simulation solution to our clients.

We interact closely with world's leading research institutes to keep us update on the latest breakthroughs. Engineering is the application of science and hence we keep track of scientific discoveries through journals like Nature and Scientific American. We focus on the application of technology by translating the scientific discoveries into innovative product and process for our clients. The leadership teams practical industrial product development and technology forecasting expertise helps us to spot the viable Technology breakthroughs.

Some of the key technology areas of focus for Research and Innovation at ATOA are listed below,

Biomimetics: Nature perfected the art of product innovation by evolution. ATOA’s Biomimetics research and innovation focus is on Nature inspired Technologies for innovative product and process development.

Advanced Materials: The civilisation growth itself is named after Materials, highlighting the importance of Materials Technology. ATOA’s Research and innovation focus on  Metal, Ceramics, Polymers, Composite, Smart, nano and meta materials  for innovative product development.

Engineering Simulations:  Simulation is grown into third pillar of science and Technology. ATOA’s Research and innovation focus of Engineering Simulation is on advanced computational mechanics for multiphysics, multiscale and multimaterial modelling.

Sustainable Technologies: Resource is always a constraint for Engineering Design and development. Natural resources are also finite on this planet.  Sustainable Technologies is the the only way forward for the well being of  the current and our future generation. ATOA’s sustainable Technology focus is on efficient design, renewables, and multifunctional products.

Emerging Technologies: Changes in technology is the only constant in Engineering innovation.  Emerging Technologies such smart, meta, nano, IoT, 3D printing, Gene editing, etc, … will be under ATOA’s Research and innovation radar for Technology forecasting.

Engineering Innovation: Engineering is all about innovation, new ways to solve practical problems.  Computer Aided Engineering enables virtual experimentation for faster and innovative product and process development.  ATOAs, Engineering innovation focus  is on breakthrough products and  add-on Technology solution for existing products.  Open innovation concept is leveraged for dissemination of ATOA’s Engineering Innovation for our clients benefits.  

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Some of the Engineering Innovations under development are 3D Printed Residential houses, metal 3D printing, Zero Energy  home, low cost residential homes, Highly efficient solar harvesting devices, low wind speed rooftop wind turbines, Natural cooled Refrigerators insulation boxes water tank, Perineal Solar lighting, smartphone based health monitoring, high energy density batteries,  flow batteries, Green Buildings: daylighting Building Thermal  zero waste renewable energy source, Smart Composites, self sensing systems,  and  multifunctional consumer products.

Material Unity drives the Technology vision for ATOA Scientific Technologies. This unity vision helps us to find simple solution to complex problems. Do mail us to know more about ATOA’s Research and Innovation at http://cae.atoa.com/contact-resources/contact-form .