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ATOA Vision and Mission

ATOA Vision is driven by material unity 

 This vision empowers simple solution to complex problems.  

ATOA mission is engineering for all.

Simple Intuitive affordable engineering solution


The Business vision of ATOAST is to become a global leader for Multiphysics engineering Simulation solution provider for every successful product, process, material and system design for our clients.

The technical vision of ATOAST is to proliferate multiphysics engineering simulations and material unity for innovative material, product, process and system design, by bridging Atom to Application.

The social vision of ATOAST is to support economic empowerment of the society with a focus on sustainable technology solution development. 


The business mission is to Provide high quality, cost effective, customer centric engineering services for virtual Innovative material, product, process and system development using state of the art tools and Technology.

The technology mission is to devote 20% of our resources for Research and Innovation to develop breakthrough technology development for the benefit of our clients.

The social mission is to redirect or invest 10% of our profit or resources for the benefit of society or sustainable social causes.

Our code of honor is constructed to accomplish our vision and mission for client benefits. 

Ultimate Mission is  “Engineering for all”.

Material Unity

Material unity is ATOA vision.

Material unity:  All matter is made from elementary particles – Leveraging this principle for solving complex engineering problems with simple solution.

Materials are one of the great virtues of human kind. The civilization itself named after materials, starting with Stone Age.  The whole world is filled with diverse materials and activities. Life is also attributed to emergent property of complex integration of materials.  The entire matter in the whole universe is made of material of elementary particle and is endlessly recycled. It is a human endeavor to explore the unity for exploitation of ultimate.  Therefore, Material unity is ATOA vision.

If you research the whole cosmos, living or non-living with a materialistic view, it is imperative to see the emergence of unity. The difference between you, me, the cosmos, plant and any life form are many, diverse. But the building block for all these matter starts with the fundamental elementary particles, unity. Further, there is unity among, nano, bio, info and cognitive world.

In the modern theory, known as standard model there are 12 fundamental elementary matter particle based on Quarks and Leptons. The next level particles include electron and nucleus. Electrons and nucleus make up the atom.  Atom makes up the molecules. Molecules make the materials. Materials are then used to make structures. Human species uses these structures innovatively. The same exploration can be extended upscale of human to, the earth, Solar system, Galaxy, Universe.

The material unity is the one, which is starting from elementary particle and converge in to single symmetry.  Initially there were philosophers then came the physicists, chemists, material science, engineering and technology.  The science and technology started with a single beginning and diverged into many field. The convergence of the science and technology is beginning to start due to the material unity – the underlying similarity in many fields. The convergence can bring in breakthroughs by integration of technology boundaries.  Exploring the material unity for developing breakthrough products for unique customer experience, is mission of ATOA.

We can exploit the material unity my many ways. One such integration is the Multiscale modeling at various length and time scales for engineering novel extreme materials.  There are excellent partial models at electron, atomic, molecular, micro and macro level. The integration of these models will enable us to design materials or systems for a given application by engineering from electron level.  Similar benefits are expected in personalized medicine also. Multiscale modeling one of the specialty services offered my ATOA.

Currently, Multiphysics engineered products, which leverage convergence of Multiphysics: structural, thermal, flow, acoustics, optical and Electromagnetics is the new trend in engineering simulation based virtual product development. Material Unity trend, which is convergence of nano, bio, info and Cognitive science (NBIC) for future technology development can change the way we develop new products. 

The material Unity trend in the long term can unify and help the human species to develop sustainable and breakthrough innovation.