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Acoustics is the branch of engineering related to auditory sense and speech. Noise pollution is attributed to injuries, discomfort and fatigue in human and is a growing concern. High  quality sound without noise is desirable.  Acoustical design principles are used in Architectural Acoustics, Automobile NVH, Environmental Noise control, structural dynamics, underwater acoustics, audio devices, ultrasonics and hypersonics.  Miniaturization, Noise cancellation, acoustical metamaterials are the growth trend. ATOA provides all aspects of sound engineering simulations for minimizing noise pollution and improving the performance of acoustical products.

Acoustical Engineering Simulations Solutions

Sound wave propagation and its interaction are critical to predict the performance and to minimize the noise level and enhance the quality of sound. We provide simulation services spanning all aspects of acoustical engineering simulations in both frequency and time domain for, Virtual sound measurement, sound reduction, Soundproofing, Noise reduction and Noise Control. We provide following basic acoustical Engineering simulations,

  • Architectural and Building Acoustical Simulations.

  • Industrial noise and Vibration isolation and control

  • Automobile Noise vibration and Harness (NVH) for interior and mufflers noise reduction

  • Aero acoustics for aircraft and wind blade related noise control.

  • Electro acoustics Modeling of speakers and microphone for higher sound quality

  • Underwater sonar acoustics transducer  design for navigation and fisheries.

  • Ultrasonic simulations for predicting the performance of Ultrasound transducer, Industrial ultrasonic cleaners, Ultrasonic cavitation, Ultrasonic Welding, Ultrasonic Nondestructive testing and Ultrasonic medical imaging is also offered.

  • Simulation services for Sound Transmission Loss and Acoustic property prediction of composite material or component designs to meet, Attenuation coefficient, Sound transmission level and Acoustic Impedance through virtual anechoic room.

  • Geometrical acoustics: ray approximation based simulations for high frequency acoustical device design.

  • Nonlinear acoustical simulations for high power or high amplitude applications.

Multiphysics Acoustical Engineering Simulation Solutions

Our multiphysics coupled specialty include, interaction of sound waves with elastic or mechanical and electromagnetic waves for coupled Noise and Vibration, Pressure acoustics and structural interaction and Electro acoustics. Our Speciality coupled MULTIPHYSICS CAE for Acoustical Engineering includes,

  • Electroacoustics, Coupled acoustical and  Electrical simulation for high quality sound reproduction system design such as microphones, loud speaker.

  • Coupled acoustical and structural simulation for the interaction of sound and elastic waves.

  • Coupled Flow and acoustics for sounds propagation in porous medium.

  • Thermoacoustics, coupled thermal and acoustical simulations for thermal and viscous loss effects.

  • Optical + Acoustical coupling for optically transparent sound insulating panels.

Emerging Acoustical Engineering

Our focus on emerging technologies related to Acoustical Engineering are,

  • Acoustic metamaterials, Sonic or Acoustic crystals for novel soundproofing, focussing, concentration and acoustic wave guiding.

  • Miniaturisation of acoustical system for use in mobile electronic devices.

  • Multilevel acoustical modelling for broadband response and near zero sound absorption.

  • Passive noise cancellation panels.

ATOA’s  New addition to  Acoustical Engineering Solutions,

  • 3D Printing of Acoustical metamaterial based products.

  • Acoustical Engineering design apps for sound transmission loss, STL, resonance, transmission, reflection and absorption prediction.

Acoustical Engineering spans a wide application area from architectural to automobile to industrial to consumer to defence. Wave equation for sound waves governs the compressible lossless fluid flow problems. For the special case of time-harmonic, wave equation for acoustic wave propagation reduces to an inhomogeneous Helmholtz equation.  Wave equation coupled with Navier-Stokes equation is used for solving Coupled Acoustical and flow problems such as aero and thermo acoustics. Multiphysics CAE and Acoustical metamaterials takes acoustical engineering to a new height for innovative  noise handling solutions.  

Contact ATOA for advanced  Acoustical Engineering simulation solutions at http://cae.atoa.com/contact-resources/contact-form .