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Material Design

Engineering is all about conversion of material into a useful product. ATOA provides multiscale and multimaterial,  material design services for engineering products from atomic scale. All products are of Multimaterial in nature. The design trend is moving from mono dominant material to Multimaterial, due to the development in manufacturing and joining techniques. The driver for Multi Material development is cost and weight to leverage the best material for product performance.

Materials are building block of Industrial Technology. Materials used to be considered as given for Engineering Design.  Designers usually select materials from a list of database. Now, we can design materials leveraging engineering principles as a part of product Design for light weight and high performance materials. ATOA’s Atom to Application modelling  capability offers custom design of material for meeting multiple design requirements. ATOA offers Engineering Design of Material composition, molecular structure, form and function for cost effective material performance and material driven innovative products. 

ATOA offer material simulation services to enables materials scientists and engineers,  first principle based fundamental understanding of materials behavior, Insights into experiments data and Prediction of Materials properties. 

MultiMaterial design

Developments in 3D printing, composites, low cost laser, non conduction based processing methods will enable multi material product design. Multi Material product design can be explained using  material design for multiple requirements, for example, structural, thermal, Electrical, all can be be engineered by adopting composite material principle. Using existing material, design of designer composite materials is well developed. But, current developments are targeted to design and develop materials with superior, novel, unusual properties.  Using existing natural materials, we can develop materials with properties that does not occur in nature, for example, meta material design simulation for Negative refraction, Electrostatic resonance, cloaking, meta surfaces and super lens. meta material design simulation can help us to develop , super strong material, higher efficient energy generation , medical imaging products.

Composites Material Design

Composite materials provide us an excellent opportunity to design the material in addition to product and process design, for a given application. The constituents, fiber and matrix material, fabrication process all can be designed for a given 

application. The simulation capability of composites from material to product to process to system design provides unique advantage to our clients. This helps to design virtually all aspects of composites, as we have numerous variability and options associated with composite design. We provide simulation servers  related to following composites constituents , form and applications,

We provide simulation services for all aspects of advanced composite Design

Micro mechanics for constitutes and interface designPly mechanics for optimization of ply orientation

Laminate design for optimal stacking sequence

Composite product design by factoring anisotropic material and failure properties

Damage mechanics for constituent level failure prediction

Successful design of composite involves constituents selection to manufacturing methods to composites design by narrowing down from a huge variety of options. Simulation methods helps us to do multilevel selection driven by physics based performance evaluation. ATOAST’s virtual composite simulation capability helps to explore the design space virtually for client applications. We provide Design services for composite material design, Application design, design for composite manufacturing, Design for servicing and condition monitoring.

Material Mechanics Modelling

Virtual material property prediction

Engineering of constituents for superior properties

Virtual experimental characterization of material properties

Product and process performance prediction

Multiphysics  Design of Materials

Materials need to meet structural, thermal, and electromagnetic and transport  property requirements simultaneously for various new applications.  

The conventional core metal, ceramic, polymer, cellular and natural materials industry can benefit from our in-depth understanding and modeling capability for expanding the limits of the material for various applications. 

ATOA offers, Multiphysics  Design of Materials leveraging Structural, Thermal, Electromagnetic, Acoustic, Transport physics for   designer properties like, Elastic constants, Thermal conductivity, permeability and permittivity, Sound transmission loss, Diffusion and Permeability, also for  Extreme properties, like Super structural, Superinsulation, Metamaterials, Acoustic bandgaps and Super flow, respectively. 

The Multiphysics optimization for structural, thermal, optical, acoustical and electromagnetic properties can cut the cost and weight of the material by maximizing the utility for a given weight without compromising on the quality or performance.

We have specialized simulation capability for composite materials design to meet 

multiple design requirements.. Optimization for conflicting design requirements is a challenge we love to execute. We undertake all aspects of composites from material design to application design to manufacturing Design.

Materials technology at ATOAST is powered by the Material Unity vision. Multi Materials concept provides the technical foundation for materials Technology Simulations.

We provide custom design solution for composite materials to meet your stiffness and Strength requirements. As a Multiphysics simulation service provider we further design for thermal conductivity, electrical resistance, acoustical and optical properties of composites. Challenge us with your requirements, we will design and specify the fiber, matrix, the weight fraction, and the manufacturing process for a light weight and cost effective composite product. We provide Simulation services to design and evaluate various aspects of composite Industry value chain.

Material design Simulation  services to provide solutions to challenging / conflicting product design requirements,  like soft and stiff, light weight and high performance is one of the key specialities of ATOA.