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Biomedical engineering is the application of engineering principles to biological systems for healthcare. Biomedical Imaging devices such as X-ray, Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Computer Tomography (CT) and Ultrasound (UT) , and therapeutic devices such as Electromagnetic (RF, MW, AC, DC)  ablation, Ultrasound, robotic surgery  provided significant growth to healthcare industry. Convergence of Nano, bio, info and cognitive science is the growth trend in healthcare. Bioengineering, Bio Computer Aided Engineering (BioCAE) can revolutionize the diagnostic, therapy and rehabilitation. We provide virtual Biomedical engineering product design and development services.  We specialize on fulfilling the coupled functional requirements of Bio medical systems.

BioMedical Engineering Simulation Solutions

We provide basic Bio Medical engineering simulations for,

  • Structural simulations of skeletal biomechanics and  crash/injury impact biomechanics.

  • Multibody dynamics simulation of Terrestrial locomotion for sport, comfort and ergonomic performance.

  • Fluid flow simulation for Hemodynamics, circulatory and respiratory systems.

  • Bio Material design for cardiovascular  implants, artificial tissue, artificial bone, optical implants,  orthopedic implant and dental materials.

  • Linear and nonlinear ultrasound propagation simulations for Ultrasonic Imaging, therapy, focussed  ultrasound probe and product design.

  • Virtual product development  solutions for medical diagnostics and therapy devices

    • Ultrasonic imaging

    • Ultrasonic Therapy

    • RF ablation

    • X-ray, CT imaging

    • MRI

  • Multifunctional Orthopedic and prosthetic device design

  • Electromagnetic shielding and interference design for medical devices. For example, Electromagnetic interference effects of mobile phone on human and prediction of Specific Absorption Rate (SAR).

Multiphysics BioMedical Engineering Simulation Solutions

Our Speciality coupled MULTIPHYSICS CAE for Structural Engineering includes,

  • Coupled fluid flow + larger deformation structural analysis of blood vessels and larger deformation biological systems.

  • Tissue Ablation: Electromagnetic (RF, MW, AC/DC) and high intensity ultrasound waves  interaction on biological systems for Ablation therapy device design simulation solutions.

  • Bio Electricity: Coupled Electrical and Flow simulations for device and therapy simulations levering bio electricity phenomenon.

  • Bio Magnetics : Coupled Magnetic and Flow simulations for device and therapy simulations levering bio Magnetic effects.

  • Bio optics : Coupled optical and Flow simulations for device and therapy simulations levering bio optics, luminesce and fluorescence effects.

Emerging Biomedical Engineering

Our focus on emerging technologies related to Biomedical Engineering are,

  • Multiphysics modelling  with Nano Bio Info and Cognitive convergence for disruptive healthcare diagnostics and therapy solutions.

  • Smart, connected, miniaturised  and low cost Medical diagnostics and therapeutics devices and apps.

  • 3D printing of stem cells, bio tissue, skin and artificial organs.

  • Bio CAE:  Computer aided engineering principles applied to biomedical device  diagnostics and therapy development leveraging virtual product development.

ATOA’s  New addition to  Bio Medical Engineering Solutions,

  • 3D Printing of Bio medical models and Bio materials.

  • BioMedical Engineering design apps for material, process and performance parameters prediction for X-ray, MR and Ultrasound.

The innovation breakthroughs are happening at the boundary of core and established technologies. Biomedical Engineering is an interdisciplinary technology and hence inherently can fuel many technological innovations.  Our multidisciplinary expertise helps to develop novel application by exploiting the multiphysics synergy for client benefits.  We provide simulation services on the engineering and multiphysics aspects of chemical, biological and medical system. At ATOA, Computational Biomedical Mechanics for product innovation for our clients is the ultimate objective.   

Contact ATOA for advanced  Biomedical Engineering simulation solutions at http://cae.atoa.com/contact-resources/contact-form .