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Mechanical Engineering emerged from the industrial revolution and geared the growth of machines and industrial manufacturing. Automobiles, large ships, industrial machines, micro machines, power stations, HVAC and robotic automation systems are testimony of  marvelous Mechanical Engineering. Multifunctional, lightweight, reliable, energy efficient and low lifetime cycle cost are growth needs.  We provide mechanical engineering simulations for the machines to meet the static, thermal, dynamic and life performance requirements.  We provide Mechanical Vibration, Buckling, Frequency Response, Rotating Machinery, Transient and explicit Dynamic, Drop impact, high strain rate Crash and Manufacturing process simulation and analysis solutions. We specialise in the coupled mechanical,  thermal, structural and electromagnetic effects.

Mechanical Engineering Simulation Solutions

The mechanical engineering simulation service portfolio include,

  • Vibration and mode shape analysis for rotating machinery and high speed transportation vehicles.

  • Dynamic impact analysis for extreme wind and seismic load of civil engineering and industrial structures.

  • Multibody Dynamic simulations of rigid and deformable systems.  

  • Crash impact simulations for pedestrian, crash, occupant safety analysis of transportation vehicles.

  • Fatigue and creep and damage simulation services are provided to predict the lifetime behaviors of products to ensure trouble free performance.         

  • Mechanical design of automobile components, renewable energy devices, Manufacturing and material handling systems

Multiphysics Mechanical Engineering Simulation Solutions

The coupled mechanical Engineering simulation service portfolio include,

  • Mechanical and thermal coupled effects for thermal induced stress, vibration and dynamic effects.

  • Electrical  and Mechanical coupling for efficient material processing.

  • Mechanical and Chemical coupling for stress induced corrosion and residual life prediction.

  • Thermal welding,  laser welding, forming and forging Manufacturing process.

  • Coating, shot peening, 3D printing, CNC shaping for advanced manufacturing methods.

  • Wear and tear simulation of mechanical systems.

Emerging Mechanical Engineering

Our focus on emerging Mechanical Engineering technologies are,

  • Multifunctional material for efficient machines.

  • Thermal waste heat energy recovery systems.

  • Intelligent damping systems.

  • Non-thermal processing of material and manufacturing methods.

  • Downsized machines for higher thermodynamic and mechanical efficiency.

ATOA’s  New addition to  Mechanical Engineering Solutions,

  • 3D Printing of functional machines and devices.

  • Mechanical Engineering design apps for inertia, thermal, acoustical, vibration and dynamic  performance prediction.

These simulation capabilities offer excellent simulation methodology to predict the life time performance of these structures. The inertial effect plays a critical role in the transient or time dependent response of structures. The inertia and time dependent behavior simulation services offerings are detailed. The inertial effects and damping plays a key role in Vibration and Dynamics simulations. Unexpected structural failure may happen for dynamically loaded structures at lower loads compared to a relatively higher static load. The dynamic simulations are essential for time dependent performance prediction. The short term time dependent or strain rate dependent behaviors is critical for crash impact, bullet resistance, blast resistance simulations. Long-term time dependent simulations are critical for fatigue, creep and damage performance prediction simulations. These simulations are evolved over the years with a feedback from experimental and practical applications, to enable cost effective product design.