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Necessity is the mother of innovation. Innovation helped us to get us where we are today. The business growth depends on the level of innovation. ATOA, strongly believes that growth and survival of any business depends mainly on the level of innovation. Innovative products and processes helps us to distinguish us from competition for a business competitive edge. At ATOA, innovation is one of code of honor, wherein we pledge to invent and innovate for the world. Our Research and innovation division invests upfront to solve our clients problems. Breakthrough Innovative product and process solutions are offered under Engineering Innovation services.

Play Innovation

Play innovation is one of the concept for innovation at ATOA. Every kid loves to play, including grown up kids. Play is a state of mind wherein your mind works at its peak. The concept of play innovation is to keep your mind in a playful mode to solve engineering problems. This leverages the peak performance of mind with recursive boosting for repetitive problem solving without the stress. Innovation mindset helps us to look for new ways of solving problems. This is translated to our client benefits as a new and innovative products. Our Multiphysics CAE capability makes innovation as translation process. Application scientific principles to multidisciplinary products helps as to make automatic innovation.

ATOA Engineering Innovation Solutions

Engineering is more about innovation, finding new ways to solve world's problem by creating breakthrough ideas and  solving practical problems by means of developing innovative product or processes to help people. Engineering Innovations transformed the way we live and experience the world. ATOA offers  product and process solutions for Engineering innovation to promote open and proprietary innovation, propelled by our Multiphysics CAE expertise.  

Open Innovation

Open Innovation is ATOA’s offering for promoting distributed and collaborative innovations. Engineering ideas for enabling distributed and user participation based big ideas for wider use and application, targeted for individual and small, medium and micro industries.  These are concepts developed by ATOA for anybody’s free use.  Engineering innovative project and process ideas mastered by Multiphysics CAE will be shared for anybody to  take, use, improve, multiply and further innovate.  For these ideas, additional engineering support will be provided by ATOA at a nominal cost for turnkey solutions . Open innovation solutions are offer under following Category,

  • Consumer Products

  • Infrastructure

  • Life Science

  • Renewable Energy

  • Transportation

  • Empowerment

  • Emerging

Proprietary Innovation

Proprietary innovation are product and or process ideas available for licensing or purchasing which are protected by patent, trade secret and or copyrights laws. These ideas are targeted for large corporates, but not limited only to corporates. These are turnkey project or process solutions for immediate commercial implementation. Some of the proprietary ideas developed by ATOA is offered according to The International Patent Classification (IPC) schedules, as categories  as follows,

  • Human Necessities

  • Performing Operations, Transporting

  • Chemistry, Metallurgy

  • Textiles, Paper

  • Fixed Constructions

  • Mechanical Engineering, Lighting, Heating

  • Physics

  • Electricity

  • Invention to innovation is a challenging process. The persistent follow-up and feedback adaptation is critical for product success coupled with cost effective solutions. ATOA embeds innovation as a part of multiphysics engineering simulation services. Training related to industry specific innovation. Innovation brings along the relevant intellectual property related services. We offer intellectual property related services through our channel partners. Visit ei.atoa.com for more about ATOA’s open and properitary ideas and turunkey project and process solutions. For any specific Engineering innovations requirements of your product or process, do contact us at http://cae.atoa.com/contact-resources/contact-form .